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Doot doot do do....

or would you prefer "The Long and Winding road..."?

Whether the last year was a blur for the rest of the world like it seemed for me I've no idea.

Although I've the feeling it was.

Your choice is rather easy: the Steve Miller Band or Paul McCartney.

Either way, I'm good.

It's a toss-up between "Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin into the future" or "The long and winding road that leads me to Your door." BOTH of these tunes pretty-much sum 2017.

There's LOADS to freak-out about: Just give the news 3 minutes of your attention span and you'll be faced with an overload of it. I could honestly do a weeks worth of cardio hyperventilating over the nightly news. The divisiveness, agendas and incessant chatter - sheesh. Now, let me see... what WAS the definition of insanity again? Oh yes, doing the same thing over & over yet expecting a different result...hmmmm.

side Note: I've recently taken to this YouTube channel: TheSilentWatcher, perhaps you've heard of it? It's HOURS of 4K "birdsong forest" or "relaxing river" or "campfire, crickets & waves".... THIS is streaming in our home much of the time.

I'm not advocating taking a pass on what's going on entirely, just doing my best to create a more peaceful, balanced day for those of us who come n' go around here.

You see, there IS a solution, and I pray constantly, let me know the way. (reffing those songs again)

If you've ever typed a text and neglected to hit SEND, you'll know what I'm talking about.

It's hidden in those tiny spaces: those palm-to-forehead moments when you catch yourself after the fact, or when you're blessed enough to listen and catch yourself BEFOREHAND. Those moments when you allow yourself to be S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D beyond where you'd normally go on your own. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about not taking myself too seriously. Perhaps even LAUGHING at myself here and there.

Simply being thankful in those moments. Taking a deep breath...

THIS is what I'm talking about: Getting back in touch with what it feels-like to be grateful.

There's alot to be grateful for; and i'm not seeing or hearing that on the good ole' news..

I am grateful for whomever invented earplugs; because, frankly, there's far too much noise =]

I am grateful for leftovers, because I didn't have to actually make lunch this afternoon, just rewarmed it.

I am insanely grateful for Q-tips, because my allergies this time of year make my ears itch and, thank you, i do NOT care that you're not supposed to put them in your ears because they feel WONDERFUL.

I am grateful for the wind, because it's nice to feel on your skin and I have emergency ponytail holders stashed everywhere anyways.

I am grateful for this running app that plays music to match my stride, because it stretches me.

I am grateful for new friends and getting back in touch with how fun Yatzee is to play.

I am grateful that He consistently asks that I trust Him rather than myself.

Yes, 2017 was busy and blessed, very much blessed.

I do pray yours was as well....

I do look forward to 2018; and where I will stretch to meet it.

and, by the way, how ELSE are we supposed to scratch itchy ears if not with the Q-tip?!

(I think I'll do a quick google and see who invented Q-tips)

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