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Opinion: When ants take over

Alright, rain is WONDERFUL. I meant it. We need it, and I'm grateful. What I could do without, however, is the hazard that shows-up following a deluge like what we're experiencing now: Fire Ants. Those simple, sweet creatures that live below us tend to come to the surface; and who would blame them. If I was flooded I'd look for higher ground too!

BUT Stay they will, until they're made to go.

Anyone ever had a house guest that stayed and stayed? I've had them, and I'm embarrassed to say that I've BEEN ONE myself as well lol

If you see these mounds pop-up, there IS something you can do - Call US @ 972-727-6256

Because they target turf, we're licensed to treat for them.

Brad even has a preventative that he can put down should you have them regularly...

True, they don't bother me unless I bother THEM first... but when I'm outside and going to and from I don't always look DOWN at my feet; and should I step near their tiny home I'm overrun by thousands of them before I realize what's happened!

Maybe that's what they mean by "gettin' your FREAK on"? Because that's what it feels like to be bitten by them. It takes me hours before I stop flinching - and loads of Benadryl and ointment.

So if they're in your turf, call us and we'll schedule a treatment asap.


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