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Fall's on its way

Summer's been mild, last winter was as well... the bugs never really died, so every time I head out I get an itch or two from the "no-see-ums". Brad's faithful to remind me that cold front will start swinging twards us about the third week of September. Of course, when He says cold front, he means highs in the upper 80's to low 90's; BUT I hear crisp mornings that are about 55ish and days not hotter than 78. This seems strange, because he's originally from Detroit, where winters there start early and last much longer than many of us have seen snow; and I'm originally from TEXAS, where we proclaim "SNOW...What's THAT?!" (in jest of course).

While Kids are back into the chaos of classes, jobs and learning to adult, I'm watching the thermometer, just waiting for the first cool evening where I can head out back and enjoy the fire-pit. Sometimes Brad follows with his guitar and plays. It's quite relaxing. I could stare off into it for hours... Friday evening has us enjoying the local high school football team as much as we can. It's a cheap date night and the warm pretzels are a favorite. We sit on the visiting side ALWAYS, regardless. It's great fun to meet new folks and cheer their boys on as well as the home team. These kids put their hearts out on the field for their teams and I love each of them for that.

Busy seems to be the understatement for everyone we know, so taking time to stop and be introspective is especially important. It helps us love each other better when we've had some time to quietly reflect on our day or the week. It's too easy to let the days move by faster, the schedules and added distractions can rule and run me ragged.

I suppose that's my nugget to leave you with. Have you prioritized time to do that yourself?

I'm going to go and swap my summer wreath on the front door for the fall one now...and sit after dinner and quietly think on things a bit. Yes, i might have to grab my earplugs and employ them LOL but it'll give me the time i need to ask myself some things.

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