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Happy New Year...

Brad and I pray your Christmas Season was the best yet!

As for our neck of the woods: It's been a wild and crazy season of food, family and friends. FAR too much of one, never enough of the other two.

I enjoy this time of year, especially if we're blessed enough to get a tad bit of that white stuff some call SNOW... although I'm not holding my breath on it. It's nice enough to have that SMELL in the air, you know, that COLD smell. The one that SMELLS like snow.

With Brad being from Detroit we often sit and talk about out childhood this time of year. He loves to reminisce about go=rowing up up-north. All the cross-country skiing he did with his friends. I still laugh when he tells of how they'd "wrap their bodies with saran wrap under their clothes to keep the heat in." He quickly adds how they'd have to stop and unwrap themselves because they'd be nearly dying from the heat build-up. Always "packing a can of Campbell soup and a can opener" for lunch. They'd gather fire wood and heat the soup, drink it right outta the can, then clean up and be on their way again.

Fun Times indeed.

Of course, I grew up in Texas. Native I am. Born in Irving and been here pretty much ever since.

- Save a quick trip to Iowa where my little brother was born.

Texas winters had a far different twist to them. ALTHOUGH I DO remember the winter we were in Iowa!

I remember the ELECTRIC BLUE snowsuit I was FORCED to wear... walking to and from the school bus in kindergarten in that thing was a FEAT! All I could move were my legs and arms, and hardly those... UPHILL no less. I felt awful; and just knew I looked like a swollen tick in that thing. An Electric Blue Swollen Tick.

How I wish I had a picture of myself in that snowsuit.

I could use it when my kids grumbled about me making them wear THEIR coats LOL.

MOM, I forgive you - Finally. For that snowsuit...

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