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*Prices listed are BASE. Actual price will vary depending on size of property and services requested. 

*For accurate pricing please Request a Quote.

Our Services

Lawn Program

​​Includes Pre-Emergent, Fertilization and Broadleaf Weed Control

- (7 Visits) $ 30 each

Additional Turf services that can be performed are:

Preventative Grub Control $65

Post Grub Control $ 65
Brown Patch - St. Augustine (1-2 visits) $ 65 each
Chinch Bugs $ 65 

Leaf Spot $ 65
Fire Ant Control (3 applications) $ 65 each
Bermudas Grass in Planting Beds (3 visits) $ 30 each

Pre- Emergent for Planting Beds (2 visits) $30 each
Grassy Weeds - Dallis, Johnson, Crab (2-3 visits) $ 30 each
Nut Grass (2 visits) $ 25 each

Tree & Shrub Services

Insect and Disease Control $75
Spring Fertilization $40 

Fall Fertilization $40
Iron Suppliment $50

Weekly Mowing

Weekly Servicing can begin as low as $25 per service.

Pricing is dictated by property size and difficulty

of access to area needing service.

Includes edging and blowing-off of hard surfaces.

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