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It's the Little Things...

"Stop and smell the roses" is often said when times feel a bit too rushed. Setting aside time to do that seems like another task on a never-ending "to-do" list. Instead, I ask for perspective. I ask every morning for this. You see, I don't want to miss the important because I've foolishly traded it for what seemed urgent at the time.

There's a funny saying that caught my eye somewhere: Your lack of planning doesn't necessitate an emergency on my part.

Sure, that's funny, but with two teenagers and two smaller - folk around, I've had to get good at saying "no". In fact, I pray daily that I'd be blessed with wisdom to utilize my "no" appropriately. Why? because TIME matters to me. I don't want to rush through my day and miss what He has for me. It's THOSE things that are important.

Yes, i do need to make that call or answer that email, but when a little tyke is grabbing for my phone...what I REALLY need to do is put the phone down, smile at said "tyke" and chase her down the hallway with my best monster growl, tickle threat intact! THIS is smelling roses.

Am I loving those around me WELL? or do they feel like all i have to give are left-overs...

Am I living loved myself, by taking time for me to quietly reflect on the love I've received?

Yes, making dinner SOUNDS great, but I'm blessed with family who's good with rummaging and making something from nothing... by the way, I'm having oatmeal for dinner.

NOT meatloaf.

Next time I'll share what's up with that.

and playing dress-up, whether with my 20 year old, or the 3 year old... is rosy as well.

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