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Rain, Rain, go away?

Someone said that in a text to me about 5-6 weeks ago. I remember typing back "don't say that, cause' in about 8 weeks you'll be WISHIN' for a day like today!" Well, here we are. It's officially time to pay attention to your watering day, in whichever city you reside. Things are going to be getting kinda crisp around the edges soon if we don't have some rain within the next couple of weeks. Allen has been gracious to permit us to go back to twice per week. Which is really all that is needed for a typical Summer here in North Texas.

Ahhh, Texas. Where an ice-cold glass of tea takes on a new meaning for those of us down here having a hot evening. You'll find us out back grilling year 'round, but iced tea is reserved for summer. Lemonade is welcomed too, but only if it's fresh. I don't prefer the powdered stuff.

...but let's get back to that rain. Usually I can smell it coming, regardless of what the sky looks like. Just in case you're wondering when your watering day is, let me post some links to your city so you don't have to rummage for it:

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