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Got Weeds?

Another pesky thing that pops up this time of year is weeds like the one pictured above: Dandelion. Whether it's a snowy white puffball (that kiddies LOVE to blow and watch float away on the breeze) or a darling tuft of bright yellow - It can look rather unsightly if they're in your space.

DISCLAIMER: DO NOT DO THIS, because it's gross.. BUT

I specifically remember pulling these (the yellow ones) out of the field out back, behind our apartment when I was a tiny tot... then pulling the yellow petals off, dropping them into a plastic Tupperware bowl (my mom LOVED Tupperware), sprinkling them with salt, and eating them. I've NO IDEA who started me on THAT weird snacking habit... and I can't blame my younger brother, because he wasn't even born yet... but yeah, weird, huh!?

So don't do that... It could be harmful. You could eat an ant by accident.

Anyway - We can help with those.... definitely.

If you've not signed-up for the Lawn Program, now's a great opportunity to get a free quote for it. Click the tab up top titled "QUOTE", fill in the required info, and we'll have you quoted ASAP.


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