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7 ways to have fun

Since we've had some milder temps, I've spent time planning how to be OUTSIDE and thought I'd share some fun ideas. My plan is to share this in the hopes that it'll provide accountability for us to actually do it! We've already grilled out back a few times, there's the make-shift fire pit for those lazy evenings, bubbles on the patio with my niece, picnic at the local park (or even in the yard... it makes for lovely conversation with the neighbors), sharing ice cream with our kids (who thrill when the novelty ice cream truck pulls down our street), badminton (for the non-windy days) and last but not-least, learning how-to GRILL pizza while having some friends over.

There's really no end to the joy that can be had when being creative with different ways to be outside. Just think of what you do INside, and move it OUTside.

A teenagers homework takes a less-boring turn when the laptop is moved to the patio, when the newspaper is read with the sound of birds chirping nearby, when the cuppa decaf joe is had outside, right before turning-in... the frogs in the pond begin to warble, the neighbors quiet down, you can hear a dog barking yards and yards away... It's incredibly peaceful.

And who dosen't need some extra PEACE?

If you have any other ideas, or a fun story to share, PLEASE share them with us... Email me

We can't wait to hear from you!


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