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Lawn Care & Lawn Services In Allen, TX

We offer a wide variety of lawn care related services — a family-owned lawn and landscape maintenance company servicing the North Texas area and surrounding areas since 1985. We specialize in year-round maintenance for residential, commercial, and industrial lawns. Our year-round programs allow us to keep up with any problems that may arise week to week.

Our lawn service can make it easy to keep your lawn looking healthy and green. Essential factors in keeping your lawn growing well and looking great are to make sure that it has all of the nutrients that it needs and that the lawn pests, weeds, and disease are eliminated.


Lawn King's weed control and removal services can stop those pesky weeds before they ruin your yard.


Lawn King's guaranteed pest control services keep pests out and your home or business protected. 


Keep your lawn and garden beautiful with regular fertilization and exceptional lawn care services.


Our aeration process opens the soil for nutrients, water and air which helps thicken and restore the vitality of your lawn.

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Lawn Care Services include both preventative and post maintenance.

Lawn Maintenance is critical in curb appeal.  Three essential areas we help with are weed control, lawn thatch, lawn aeration.


— Ron & Sherry W.

"Our family has been using Lawn King for over 15 years.  We have been very pleased with both quality and price for their services."

Weed Control


Lawn Weeds

Controlling rampant weeds can be hard to do, especially if your weeds are the strong and resilient type (think Dandelions and Ground Ivy). Once a particular weed has set up shop in your lawn removing it can be a long and trying ordeal.


Dandelions are the most common weed in the United States, and they are very hard to deal with, as they do not die once the growing season is over and thus quickly reappear the following spring.  Dandelions are one of the most persistent weeds that gardeners face in their quest for the "perfect lawn." They are green broadleaf weeds that eventually produce a yellow flower. This flower then forms a sphere of white seeds as it matures. These seeds are then spread throughout your lawn through wind pollination resulting in multiple patches of dandelions throughout your yard. The roots for these small weeds can be up to three feet deep in the soil and thus, to completely remove this weed from your lawn, you must attack it at the root. Now dandelions grow and flourish in moist soil and therefore can be an effect of heavy rains or overwatering.


Located in Allen, Texas with over 35 years of experience in the industry, we are family owned and operated. Our goal is to offer our customers quality lawn care services at affordable pricing. We are known for our friendly attitude, attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Best Local Landscapers For Controlling Creeping Ground Ivy

The best way to get rid of Creeping Charlie and to control it is to kill it at the roots with your locally available landscapers here in Allen Texas.

Creeping Charlie or Ground Ivy (Glechoma hederacea)


The Creeping Charlie (also known as ground ivy) is a perennial weed that thrives in shaded, moist soils - although it is also known to survive in the presence of some sunlight. It reproduces through scattered seeds and creeping stems that develop roots at the nodes. Because of its mode of reproduction, the Creeping Charlie is a very persistent weed that is difficult to get rid of in its entirety.


It is relatively easy to identify the Creeping Charlie. It has round leaves that are roughly half an inch (0.5 in.) to an inch and a half (1.5 in.) in diameter. The leaves are usually of a dark green or purplish color, with round-tooth edges. The leaves may even contain hairs. It has an almost square-shaped stem that can grow from a few inches to two feet. The Creeping Charlie also has bluish-purple flowers that are shaped like funnels.


Though you are walking into this “war” completely armed, murdering your entire lawn by mistake doesn't leave you with a moral victory.  The most practical solution is to give us a call and let us bring your lawn back to it's glory.

Local Lawn Care & Thatch Control Service

Some of our local lawn care services include: Fertilizer application. Core aeration. Thatching/power raking. Weed prevention. Weeding planted areas. Mulching Leaf clean-up. Pruning or tree trimming

When you sit on your lawn, you probably think that the only thing between you and mother earth is a few blades of grass.  What you're probably not seeing is the thatch beneath the grass.  Thatch is a layer of dead vegetation, dirt, gravel, and dust beneath your grass.


The thatch on your lawn can be your biggest blocker to growing a healthy and vibrant lawn.  A thick thatch can prevent water and essential nutrients from reaching the soil, and the result is a lot of your time and effort wasted for a minimal effect.  Luckily, there are several ways that you can reduce the amount of thatch present in your lawn and thus make it easier to keep your lawn healthy.  The three most common (and arguably the most effective) methods are Aeration, De-Thatching, and Power Raking.


Aeration occurs when a machine takes cores out of your lawn that are between 3 to 5 inches long.  When you aerate your lawn, you are creating more physical space for water and nutrients to entire the soil, as well as creating more room for the grass to spread its roots.  Aeration is no more expensive than a Power Rake and is arguably more effective and less damaging.


De-Thatching your lawn is much more invasive than a Power Rake or Aeration, but it does remove a much more significant amount of thatch.  A blade is set low to the soil level and physically rips out the thatch.  This process can be very damaging to grass growth.  For this reason, this is best performed in the very early spring or late summer.


Performing a de-thatch in mid-season will inhibit growth and perhaps even kill off parts of your lawn.  Aeration is recommended when you are late into the spring season.


Power Raking is very similar to a De-Thatch except that the blades are set shorter so that they do not intrude on as much of the soil.  Instead of ripping the thatch out the blades slice it out.  The result is less effective compared to a De-Thatch or Aeration, but less damaging to the soil as well.


Power raking is similar to a de-thatch in its execution, however, and should not be done during the middle of the season.  It can do more harm than good to healthy, growing grass.


All three processes make it easier for water and nutrients to reach the soil, and all three can be performed by the homeowner with rented equipment or professionally by local landscaping experts such as ourselves here at Lawn King Texas.  It is recommended that you leave it to the professionals to ensure that it's done correctly, but by no means is it impossible to be done by yourself.  If you're a handyman (or woman) taking the time to do it right is all you need.

Lawn Aeration Services Allen TX

Lawn care services in Allen, TX. We offer lawn care in Allen TX including, mowing, shrub trimming, weeding, and fertilization and weed control services.

When you puncture your soil - seemingly giving the same effect as Aeration - you are not producing the same result.  There are a few different elements that make up your lawn: the blade of the grass, the thatch, the root system, and the soil.  This is relevant because in a moment you're going to understand why a proper Aeration creates much more benefits as opposed to merely putting holes in your lawn.


An Aeration involves the physical removal of anywhere from three to five inches of your lawn core.  These "cores" are the little dirt plugs that kids always throw at each other when they walk past a lawn that has been recently Aerated.  Removing the core creates several necessary changes in the lawn that are very beneficial.


First, an Aeration loosens the soil beneath the grass and creates more physical space for the grasses roots to take hold. Building a stronger root system allows the grass to absorb rainfall and nutrients better as well as giving it a better hold in the soil.  The result is a more vibrant lawn- a softer texture, a deeper color, and a better appearance.  


Second, the cores on your lawn will redistribute the soil that has been taken up with them.  This spreads the nutrients on to the top layer of the grass.  This compounds the benefits from the last paragraph.


Lastly, an Aeration breaks the thatch.  This is probably one of the most beneficial elements of an Aeration as, unlike a power rake or a de-thatching, an Aeration does not pose a considerable risk to the short-term health of the lawn.  An Aeration can be done nearly any time of year (though it is the most beneficial in the early spring or just before winter) and can be done more than once.  Most landscapers are more than happy to do it more than once a year for you and may even encourage it.


If you are in a dry climate, you will benefit the most from an Aeration as dry climates are more susceptible to thatch buildup.  So, next time you go to puncture holes in your lawn remember that you aren't doing anything other than putting holes in your lawn... you need to remove the cores to get the full effect physically.


You may notice your lawn to be a bit softer and be a bit more cushioned after an Aeration- this is because you have removed some of the hard-packed soil and forced the soil to redistribute itself.  By loosening up the soil, you have made your lawn softer.


An Aeration can be performed in a short amount of time by a professional.  An average sized lawn should take less than half an hour from start to finish.

Pest Control


Trimming the Grass

We're thorough in our pest control in Allen TX — you have to be when you are trying to outsmart these persistent bugs that can damage your lawn

Allen Lawn Pest Control

Healthy, vibrant landscaping with a weed free lawn will say a lot about you and your home. Our complete Pest & Lawn Service uses proven methods that help you ensure a beautiful healthy lawn.

After 35+ years of service nobody knows Allen better!

They say everything is bigger in Texas. That may definitely be true for these bugs pestering your lawn.


3 Types of Lawn Pests that we service are grubs, Chinch Bugs, and Fire Ants. These lawn pests can wreak havoc on your lawn.

Grub Control Services In Allen

Avoid damage to your lawn with our affordable preventative grub control service. With our Allen TX lawn care services, we can help you avoid this headache altogether! Let Lawn King help you take back your North Texas lawn today!

Springtime. The sun shining outside signifies the end of a long, dreary, closed-in winter. Chirping birds greet you as you open your front door and frolick into your finally-thawed yard... where you freeze and stare in horror at the patches of brown, dead grass slashed across your lawn.

Lots of things kill grass, but if your lawn dies in the spring, there's a good chance you've got grubs.

Grubs are the larvae of several different varieties of beetles such as the Japanese and Masked Chafer. The beetles sow their eggs in the ground in mid-summer, and the grubs hatch in early fall. The invaders then proceed to eat the roots of your lawn and continue munching on the dormant grass all winter long. It's only when the grass tries to reassert itself and grow in the spring that the damage becomes apparent.

If lots of things kill grass, how do you know grubs are the problem?

The same way you diagnose any problem; thorough testing.

Pull back some of the dead grass where it borders the greener lawn. With the roots gone, it should come up quickly, even by hand. Rip up an approximately 6 inch by 6-inch square and examine the top 3 inches of soil. Grubs look like fat white worms, relatively short and curled into a rough "C" shape. If you find more than two or three in this small sampling area, you've got a grub problem. Perform the same test in several spots throughout the lawn, focusing on the borders of the dead zones.

What do you do if testing shows you have grubs?

Um, nothing. At least not yet.

Researchers at several top universities warn that the grubs doing all the damage to your lawn in the spring are super grubs – fat, hardy specimens knocking on the door to full-blown beetle-dom. These Herculean insects laugh in the face of commercial insecticides. No treatment exists that's guaranteed to work on these little monsters. Some people claim milky spore disease, a powdered bacteria, works well against some grubs, but the effectiveness of the product has never been scientifically proven. All you can do is re-seed or re-sold to help fill in the bare patches of soil.

So if you can't do anything in the spring, what should you do?

Wait for mid-August, then inspect the lawn for grubs again. The grubs you'll see in August will be freshly hatched and much smaller than the beasts you find in the spring. These young larvae are much easier to kill than their more mature brethren. If you don't see signs of grubs, continue watching the grass closely until the end of September. Test for grubs immediately if any significant browning or wilting occurs, especially in the same areas that were damaged in the spring.

You waited til fall, sampled again, and found baby grubs. How do you kill them?

Assassination! And by that, I mean grub-specific pesticides. Buy yourself a grub killer that contains trichlorfon, carbaryl or halofenozide and spread it over your lawn as soon as possible. Pay close attention to the instructions and warnings on the product labeling – some chemicals need to be watered into the soil, while children and pets shouldn't be allowed near lawns treated with other products.

Non-chemical alternatives exist, but their effectiveness is questionable. In addition to the previously mentioned milky spore powder, beneficial nematodes can also be introduced to a grub-infested lawn. Unfortunately, University of Rhode Island researchers claim the results of beneficial nematode applications vary wildly, ranging from almost useless to highly effective.

Is that the end of them? Is your grass safe?

It should be, assuming you followed the product instructions correctly. However, nothing's ever sure in this world, and even if you eradicate the old lot, new beetles can move in. Keep a close eye on your lawn and reapply pesticide if necessary. If grubs return year after year, consider switching to a less grub-friendly landscape. Plant trees and bushes to create lots of shade and drive away the fat, white worms for good.

Chinch Bug Lawn Care Services In Allen, TX

Chinch Bugs are tiny insects that dry out the grass in your lawn. These little pests drink the juices in the grass that gives them their green color. As a result, grass loses its coloring and appears brown or yellow. Chinch bugs are usually only a problem if you have St. Augustine grass in your yard. Like most other insects, Chinch Bugs can grow to become a significant problem in the summer months. If your lawn does become infested with these bugs, it is recommended that you water your lawn every day so that your grass retains its green coloring and to use various treatments, such as Dursban or Diazinon, to kill the bugs in your lawn and to prevent their reproduction and growth throughout your lawn.


These bugs are usually a significant problem in hot, dry climates such as those of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and other South Western states. Cinch Bug infestation can easily be controlled and eliminated, so there is no need to seek professional help. One can apply one of the various exterminators that can be found at most home improvement stores on a regular basis to rid themselves of this problem. Like most other exterminators, one can either buy the "crystal solid pesticides" or the spray pesticides. In the case of cinch bugs which usually remain on the ground, I suggest sprinkling the "solid" pesticide over potentially infected areas to exterminate these pests. You can also put these pesticides on all of your grass, although this may prove to be tedious and dangerous as pesticides often have many adverse side effects if one is overly exposed to them. There are dozens of brands to choose from, but like all other extermination products, all exterminators are essentially the same, and it does not matter which one you prefer.

Fire Ants Lawn Treatment Services In Allen

Our Allen TX lawn care company does it all. Got a fire ant problem? Consider our guaranteed fire ant control for one year, with only one application per year.

These red ants may be ¼ inches long; their bites can be very painful and dangerous when suffering from many bites at the same time. As a result, many homeowners want to rid their property of Fire Ants. Now, these ants can build up colonies that are one or two feet high, housing thousands of these Fire Ants. Controlling the spread of these Ants can be very difficult as thousands can be killed and more will still appear in the coming weeks.


The best thing you can do to help rid your property of these Fire Ants is to call in an exterminator to help remove the mounds where these ants reside and kill any ants that may live there. However, chances are the ants will resurface again in the near future and calling in an exterminator every two or three weeks can get very expensive. Thus, you may want to travel to your local home improvement store and get a product that has been explicitly designed to kill Fire Ants. When dealing with fire ants, it is essential to have constant treatment so that they do not reappear in large quantities.

Garden Hose Sprinkler

Large Brown Patch Lawn Treatment Services In Allen

Allen Lawn Disease Services

Get a greener, healthier lawn whether you have Bermuda grass or St. Augustine. We service Allen and the surrounding cities in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex.

Rhizoctonia (or Large Brown Patch) is present in most types of soils. This soilborne fungus attacks several plant types including grasses, vegetables, flowers, and even field crops. It usually appears in highly fertilized soils of plants that are covered with a film of moisture for at least 12 hours each day.


Other conditions that promote Rhizoctonia growth are a temperature of 70-95 F for several hours each day, and the infection of the fungus from contaminated soil.


When turfgrass is infected with Rhizoctonia, it is hard to identify because the symptoms are similar to other lawn diseases. It usually takes a microscope for someone to accurately determine its presence, although some readily seen symptoms may be present. In bentgrass turf, Rhizoctonia is roughly circular, with light brown patches ranging from a few inches to 2-3 feet in diameter. The grass blades often appear dark and water-soaked, but they soon dry out. The dried blades of grass remain upright, which isn't similar to under-watered grass. With Rhizoctonia, only the leaf blades are usually affected, although the new grass growing from the roots will be much thinner.


To determine how advanced the disease is, look for a grayish "smoke ring." This ring is roughly 1.5 inches wide and is composed of wilted grass blades. Although light infections often clear up in 2 or 3 weeks, severe infestations of Rhizoctonia cause more significant damage to your lawn. The roots, crown, and rhizomes of your grass will rot away.


Contact us today to protect your lawn from Brown Patch or treat and cure your already infected lawn.

Necrotic Ring Spot Lawn Treatment Services In Allen

​The necrotic ring spot fungus (Leptosphaeria korrae) affects several species of grasses, especially during the cool seasons. To keep a healthy lawn during this kind of weather, you need to recognize and stop this fungus before it damages your entire lawn.


The symptoms of the fungus usually appear in late spring or early autumn. The fungus starts as light green patches ranging from 5 to 10 centimeters in diameter. They can grow to a full meter in diameter and may turn light or reddish brown. Streaks, semi-circular, and circular patterns show up in the affected areas of the lawn.


Necrotic ring spot lasts throughout the growing seasons, but it becomes more progressed during cooler months. Although the symptoms are usually dormant during the summer, there is still a chance that the fungus will show some symptoms. When it does, the crowns and roots become very dark or blackened. Leaf lesions sometimes appear. These lesions are often yellowish, tan, or reddish brown. But you cannot identify necrotic ring spot from leaf lesions alone because other lawn diseases exhibit this symptom.


Necrotic ring spot spreads through infected lawn equipment such as lawn mowers, hoes, and rakes. It also spreads through infected turf. The fungus thrives even in the presence of other plant diseases. Should the symptoms disappear in the summer, they reappear during early autumn.


Give us a call to help prevent or control necrotic ring spot on your lawn.  We have been providing high-quality maintenance for years and would love to have the chance to enhance your outdoor landscape.


Our company offers a full range of annual services including weekly and bi-weekly lawn care service programs, sod, sprinkler repair, pine straw, hedge trimming, removal and replacement of old lawns and landscaping areas.By providing your yard with consistent, routine care before it becomes necessary, and by heeding these other time-saving tips, your yard will stay looking lush and green.  And time spent maintaining the yard will be minimized.


We provide lawn services that include mowing, trimming, edging, weeding, and blowing off the property when we finish. Don't forget about your bushes and small trees, we take care of these also.


Did you know we fertilize? So with all these things in mind, WHY would you want to do all this yourself? Hire a company that's not afraid to get their hands dirty to make your yard clean and presentable. A better-looking lawn, with less time involvement, equals more free time for you to enjoy a favorite pastime, or relax. Hire a company that's not afraid to get their hands dirty to make your yard clean and presentable.


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